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Posted on August 5, 2011


About the Company

Sonata Design Systems Pvt. Ltd., formerly Sonata Design Systems, started as a contracting firm to provide interior contracting solutions for commercial facilities viz. corporate houses, IT, BPO and IT/ BPO enabled setups. Thus, the services catered to the aforementioned genre of setups comply from Consulting, Designing and Development. Concluding, SDSPL, in its true sense, is one of the very few companies which provide total Interior & Infrastructure Solutions i.e. they execute projects from their Inception stage to completion. They have offices in Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai and Pune, having employee strength of 30.

Mr. Dharrit Shah is the founder director of SDSPL. He started working with his father at the age of 16. They would supply plywood to architects and interior designers. He pursued his education to be an MBA in International Business.

They had the yearning to be more than just a supplier/ trader. That is when they thought of diversifying into contracting and thus Sonata Design Systems was conceptualised.

In this interview, Mr. Shah shares his views on his journey as an entrepreneur with our team.

Dharrit Shah at work

Tell us about your company and its USP.

Our USP is that we offer complete Interior Turnkey Solutions to our clients providing them a ready to use facility. Our services include anything and everything essential for the clients in the perspective of an absolutely furnished office space. We work on rigorous time lines. For example, we can complete designing and developing a floor space of 50,000 (approximately for 500 employees) in merely 60 days. We’ve have always had a positive feedback till date, which we consider to be a very big achievement and is also one of our USP. For this consistent approach towards our offered services, we have been awarded multiple projects from the same clients in Pune and other parts of the country where they have facilities. Example, we have executed interiors for TECH MAHINDRA LIMITED for their facilities in Pune, Chennai, Bangaluru, Kolkata, Noida etc.

We would like to mention that, we are the only company offering lease options for Interiors to the clients who are not willing to expend their cash flow towards interior fit-out’s. This is also one of our strongest USP.

It was the project of TECH MAHINDRA LIMITED at Hinjewadi, Pune in the year 2007, which gave us altered buoyancy. For this project, we catered services for approximate 500,000 Sft.

Sonata Design Systems Pvt. Ltd., started as an executing firm to develop interiors for Corporate Houses has, over the years, metamorphosed into one of the leading interior executing agencies in INDIA. The firm initially a Proprietary Concern has now incorporated well-planned departments for the execution of work. To provide complete design solutions to the growing needs of the IT industry, SDSPL is now associated with various Commercial & Technical establishments. Crossing various hurdles over the years, SDSPL has entered a new millennium with greater ambitions & increased resources to fulfil the dreams of the people of millennium century.

From there on, there was no looking back. SDSPL has forayed in multiple sectors. They now do projects with renowned developers in all the major cities in INDIA. This increased the company’s interest in diversifying towards the realty genre under the banner of ‘Benchmark Realty Pvt. Ltd.’

We also have a considerable experience for working in SEZ in cities viz. Pune, Bangaluru, Chennai, Kolkata etc. Thus our office is well equipped with the information and procedures of working in an SEZ. We are also well versed with the procedures and regulations for STPI spaces as we have extensively worked for clients in these spaces also.

Thus, we proclaim ours, as an Interior Turnkey Solution Provider company, which values time and quality.

Tell us about the turning points in your company?

Our first breakthrough was given to us by METAPHORS (a company led by Architect Amala Sheth and Architect Anand Bhagat) for their projects viz. KANBAY SOFTWARE LTD. (now CAPGEMINI) and SIGMA SOFTWARE PVT. LTD.It was the project of TECH MAHINDRA LIMITED at Hinjewadi, Pune in the year 2007, which gave us altered buoyancy. For this project, we catered services for approximate 500,000 Sft.

We implemented Backward Integration process in 2008 which changed the entire perspective of SDSPL. Through this we could provide huge service backup to our clients and the solutions we provided were complete in its sense. For e.g. if DELL needs to set up an office in Pune, we would be completely involved right from acquiring the office space, importing knock-down furniture and seating systems etc. from our own facilities in Malaysia, designing and executing the office interiors and offering a “ready-to-use” office.

Team at SDSPL

Have you ever used any marketing strategies to promote yourself?

We will never make a mistake which Henry Ford IV did. We understand that all organizations need to market themselves. Up-till now, our work has been highly appreciated and we were offered projects through word of mouth. But, now that we want to grow exponentially, we are considering getting into branding and marketing. We have the capabilities and we are all ready to grow this company from Medium to Large!

Why did you choose not to venture into executing designing of residences?

Actually, we were never focused and inclined to developing interiors for residences. Secondly our systems and work force are not acquainted and well-matched for residential works. Thirdly, we did not want to offer anything, where we won’t excel. But, as of today, our systems are in place and we are rethinking about taking up residential projects. Even if we do, we will only consider high-end residential projects.

Have you ever considered taking equity funding and what are your exit plans ?

We did not think of getting equity funding for the simple reason that we wanted to first grow our company to certain levels and demand a decent valuation. We are still to get to the target we aim for and then would look at further options.

Do you have any piece of advice to the budding entrepreneurs out there?

First of all, maintaining relationships in the service industry is very important. One should know where and how to reach, and the risks involved. One should take calculated risks so that, losses are minimum.

Secondly, one should have thorough knowledge of their product (s), ensure that the processes are in place and have working systems.

Last but not the least, don’t forget the people who stood by you during your tough and growing times and helped you to reach the position where you are today.

Share with us some of your future plans?

We are all set to open our offices in Chennai and Bengaluru. Another plan on the agenda is to move the company into a management mode so that we have a group of people running the company.We’ll be also concentrating on our real estate venture and bring all our companies under one roof in our brand new office at Dhole Patil Road.

SDSPL’s success story clearly portrays how you should create a wholesome package for your client ensuring that whatever you offer is end to end for the cutomer. Mr.Dharrit with his passion to reach his goal is also into music and was a very active cricket player . We wish him all the very best to reach where he aims to and cheers to the team out there !! To know more about SDSLP visit http://www.sdspl.co.in/

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